Are you struggling to get organized with SEO tasks and maximize your productivity? If so, then here’s some good news: there are now a wide variety of powerful Chrome extensions available that can streamline your SEO tasks and make even the most complex processes easier and more efficient.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at our top 6 Google Chrome extensions for SEOs on the market today – offering insights into where they excel and how you can make the most out of each one.

From keyword tracking to broken link checker tools, these Chrome Extensions are sure to come in handy. So, let’s dive right in!

Keywords Everywhere

The Keywords Everywhere extension provides keyword data for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes. This tool is extremely useful for keyword research. The free version allows you to see related keywords and long-tail keyword opportunities in Google search results, as well as the monthly estimated traffic and global trend data within the past five years. 

The paid version gives you detailed information about these keywords, including monthly search volume, cost-per-click for Google Ads, and keyword difficulty/competition. If you are running PPC campaigns, you may find the paid version much more beneficial than the free package.

Keywords Everywhere is overall a useful tool for SEOs as it provides valuable keyword data in a convenient and easy-to-use format.

A screenshot of the Keywords Everywhere extension


Lighthouse is a free, open-source tool developed by Google that will give you an overview of how well your website is performing. The extension analyzes websites and provides detailed reports and recommendations on the overall user experience (UX) as well as various metrics, including:

  • Overall site performance
  • Core Web Vitals metrics (Speed Index, Time to Interactive, Total Blocking Time, Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift)
  • Accessibility
  • SEO best practices

We found this tool to be great for generating reports allowing you to identify and fix issues that may be impacting your website performance, for better search engine ranking results 

To use the Lighthouse extension, you simply need to add it to your Chrome browser by clicking this link and run a scan against the webpage.

SEO Pro Extension

As an SEO specialist, you will understand how crucial it is to keep your website meta tags up-to-date at all times. SEO Pro Extension is a handy tool that makes this process seamless, especially if you have hundreds of pages on your website.

This extension will help you check the metadata of a page, such as title tags and meta description (including their lengths), canonical URL, headings, internal and external links, image alt text, sitemap and robots file, link status, and more, with just a click of a button.

The SEO PRO extension can also provide valuable insights into a website’s technical SEO elements, such as Core Web Vitals performance and structured data. And the good news is, this extension is completely free! 

A screenshot of the SEO Pro extension

Pleper Local SEO Tools

If you’re focusing on local SEO, Pleper Tools is a must-have. It offers a whole host of features to analyze Google Business Profiles, for free!

This extension provides detailed information on your Google Business Profiles as well as your competitors, such as NAP (name, address, phone number), categories, verification status, the number of reviews, ratings, and more, directly from Map results.  

Overall, Pleper is a very useful tool for SEOs looking to optimize Google Business profiles and perform local competitive analysis.

GS Location Changer

Google has the capability to detect your current location from your IP address and your browser’s geolocation API, impacting how results are shown on Google SERP.

That is why, whenever you search for “near me” keywords, Google always returns results that are actually near wherever you are located. However, SEOs sometimes have the need to see the results in a different location, and that is when GS Location Changer comes in.

This tool allows you to change your location in Google search for SEO purposes. This is extremely useful if you want to see how your website or content performs in different locations or simply want to test your local SEO efforts in different areas.

To use the GS Location Changer extension, you will need to install it from the Chrome Web Store and then follow these steps:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on the GS Location Changer icon in your browser’s toolbar.
  3. Set the latitude and longitude of the location or simply type in the city name or zip code in the ” Location” field.
  4. Click “Enable Overwrite” to apply the location change.

Check My Links

Too many broken internal links can frustrate users and hurt your SEO efforts, but scanning through each page to find these links will undoubtedly take away so much of your time, especially when your website has a lot of pages and links. 

Check My Links is a free Chrome extension that allows you to quickly check for broken links on a webpage. This can be useful for identifying broken links and redirecting links on your website, improving user experience by ensuring that all links are working properly.

To use the Check My Links extension, simply add it to your Chrome browser and then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the webpage you want to check for broken links.
  2. Click on the Check My Links icon in your browser’s toolbar.
  3. The extension will scan the webpage and highlight any broken links in red and any valid links in green.

A screenshot of the Check My Links extension

These chrome extensions we have mentioned above offer a great starting point for SEOs and digital marketers alike who are looking to boost their SEO performance.

Not only will they save you plenty of time, but they are also incredibly effective in helping your webpage improve its rankings on search engine results and gain more visibility as well as organic traffic.

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