As a local digital marketing company, we strive to increase our clients’ SEO in order to better expand their clientele. But what exactly is SEO? And why is it so important in the world of digital marketing? SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, and includes the process of boosting traffic toward a website as well as increasing its exposure on search engines.

Search engines are monumental for consumers to find a business. The most popular search engines include Google, with estimated monthly visitors reaching over 1.5 billion, followed by Bing at 400 million and Yahoo at 300 million.

In order for a potential client to find your business, it is vital that your business appears through search engine results. With minimal work, it is pretty easy to make sure your business appears as a search engine result, such as simply claiming your business on Google My Business.

The importance of SEO, however, lies in pushing your business to the top of these search engines! After all, how many people really click to page 2 of a Google search?

Boosting your business’ search engine optimization can be super simple with local SEO solutions, but there are multiple different avenues that require consistency when striving to see results. A quick and easy way to boost your business’ SEO is to keep your website updated.

If your website hasn’t been updated since the day it was made, then perhaps consider uploading a few new photos or introducing something new. Another great way to increase website traffic is to feature a variety of media on your website, such as videos.

A video allows visitors to stay on your website longer, and the longer they stay, the better your SEO. A final quick tip that we suggest is to make sure your website is user-friendly for mobile-device users. SEO is not a desktop-only element; search engines are technologically universal, and mobile data usage is only increasing as cell phones become more popular.

If your goal is to get your business to the top of any search engine’s results, then we can help! Search engine optimization may seem like a straightforward process, but it takes a steady and consistent approach in order to see the best results.