For years, the choice between short-form and long-form video content has plagued marketing experts. Mainly because there isn’t a one size fits all solution. What works best for your business heavily depends on your goals and your audience.

Both short- and long-form video content has their advantages and disadvantages. Trial and error is the most effective way to tell which will work best for you. But before you begin experimenting, consider the information below to find the best place to start.

What Is Short-Form Video Content?

Short-form video excels in many ways. First, it’s excellent for keeping up with trends and keeping your brand visible. Short-form means any video shorter than five minutes, but many brands find the sweet spot for short-form video content is around the 2-minute mark. In addition, short-form videos are great for increasing your click-through rate.

Types of Short-Form Video Content That Work Well

  • Product videos
  • Business culture videos
  • Customer testimonials

What Is Long-Form Video Content?

Long-form video is usually thought of as a more effective way to engage customers because it usually focuses on the story and entertainment aspect of a video. However, long-form video is at a disadvantage in performance because consumers have to opt in to view it.

Types of Long-Form Video Content That Work Well

  • Documentaries
  • Event Videos
  • Tutorial Videos

Things to Consider When Choosing Video Length


Knowing your audience and where to find them is key to any digital marketing attempt. You could create the highest quality video, but your efforts will probably be fruitless if it isn’t the right length to entice your audiences.

The Goal of Your Video

Consider what action you want consumers to take or what business goal you want to achieve, and create your video with that goal in mind. Knowing how you want your end result to look makes creating your video a more straightforward process.

Video Type

Choosing a goal to strive for is extremely important when picking the type of video you want to create because the type of video has a significant impact on the length of the video. As mentioned above, there are different types of videos for which both short- and long-form are more effective. However, not all product videos are short, and not all tutorials are long. The length of a video also relies heavily on the purpose and complexity of its content.


Budget is the most straightforward item on this list. Unfortunately, not every brand has the budget to create endless amounts of video genius. However, you would be surprised at the power you have with your smartphone. Though a video filmed on your phone may not look like a professional masterpiece, it can still come together nicely and be effective toward reaching your goal.

Marketing Platform

There are several things to consider when choosing a social media marketing platform to post your video content. First, on which platform does your audience spend most of their time? Second, what type of content is usually effective on this platform? Third, is there a limit on the length of your video content that has to be on the platform you choose?

Video content is a powerful tool capable of significantly impacting your social media reach and business growth. If you’re searching for the perfect length for your video content, allow Klout 9 to help. We are a full-service digital marketing agency in Lafayette, LA. Our video production team creates eye-catching, quality video content that will tell your brand’s story and leave a lasting impression on your audience. View our video portfolio here.

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