Social media’s beauty is that you can take marketing to a new level and reach your current audience in a very authentic way while reaching out to new customers on the same platform. Your business can accomplish that by using a holistic strategy that combines organic and paid social media campaigns. Both approaches have different goals but dramatically increase traffic and ROI when combined. With the help of a social media marketing agency like Klout9, you can create a social media strategy that balances organic content awareness with a paid post’s conversion rate.

What’s the difference?

The main difference between organic and paid social media content is that organic is free and paid is a pay-to- click (or engagement) campaign. Organic content will only reach those who already follow you, your followers, or those following the hashtags you incorporate. The goal is that you’ll organically gain more followers by posting dynamic and original content that elevates your brand. With paid content, you are paying the social media platform to promote your message to a larger, more targeted audience that will drive leads and conversions from an audience that may or may not already be familiar with your brand. There are benefits to both approaches, and how you intertwine them is based on your marketing needs.

Organic Content

Building awareness about your service, product, company culture, and brand is ideal for organic content. Your business can use it to establish their personality and voice, build relationships by sharing relevant and meaningful content, engage customers at every stage of their buying journey, and support customers through customer service. Organic social media is the best way to nurture a relationship with your existing client base.

Paid Content 

Paid social media is another term for advertising. Spending money for an ad on social media gives your company the ability to boost an organic post or share original content to a larger, targeted audience. People can even buy the product directly from the post on social media. A brand can use paid social media to raise brand awareness, attract new followers, promote new products, generate leads, and drive conversions. Paid social media posts are the best way to target new audiences and convert them into customers.

The holistic approach

Combining the power of both social media approaches is sure to yield promising leads and conversions. Businesses can gain new customers and followers, promote quality content, and research their target audience using organic and paid strategies. Here are a few tips to have a holistic approach to social media:

Not all promotional posts need to be paid. Only pay for the post that helps you reach your KPI’s and help you reach your business goals. 

Boost your best organic content. Identify some of your best organic content that resonates with your current audience and promote it to a larger audience. This strategy is a great way to enter the arena of paid campaigns slowly.

Target your ads to people similar to your organic audience. The larger your organic following is, the easier it is to get a sense of your ideal audience. Many social media platforms offer the ability to create lookalike audiences that build new audiences based on your current customers.

Look at your data, and measure your results. Pay attention to the data in your social analytics tools for organic and paid campaigns to continuously improve.

Utilizing both forms of content in your social media strategy is ideal for boosting brand awareness and lead generation. Klout9 understands that many companies want to use this type of social media approach but lack the resources, and that’s why their K9 Unit is here to help. Call them today to unleash your story on social media.