When starting a business, two of the most significant decisions you have to make is your name and logo. A business name is its verbal tag, but your logo speaks volumes when it comes to brand recognition. The logo is the face of the company. A well-designed logo should define your brand’s style, target audience, and message. Below are a few tips to help your logo make the right impression by focusing on the 3 key elements your business logo should have:

Balanced and Straightforward:

When designing your logo, it is almost like deciding on a tattoo, but for your business. Any potentially permanent symbol should be noticeable and encompass meaning. Using a clean and simple logo, with strength and balance is critical to secure recognition. Think of some of the most identifiable logos that you know. Brands like Apple, Nike, Target, Starbucks, and many more have patented a symbol that is simple and internationally recognized.


The element of time might be one of the essential factors to consider for a logo. Relying on trends and fads is a high risk when it comes to your business identity. For example, Nike sportswear has always had the famous check as the main symbol in its logo. The background, fonts, and even company slogan have adapted over the decades, but the renowned check mark has remained timeless. Not only has this kept the brand identifiable, but It has also saved the company millions on the cost of re-branding. Keep in mind when creating your logo that it is safer to stick with a classic design.


Sure, having a stylish logo is essential, but what makes a logo truly stand out is the message below the surface. Your business was created from a vision and for a purpose. The most famous logos are not because you like the colors, but because the symbols represent a vision consumers believe in. So, it is crucial to incorporate the company’s mission and values first and foremost when designing your logo.

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