As a digital marketing company that specializes in company branding, graphic design, and print collateral, we understand how important a logo can be for the success of your brand. Although it takes more than a great logo to produce a great brand, the logo is known to serve as a crucial aspect in attracting potential consumers and building your brand’s trust over the years. Best described as a graphic mark that identifies your organization, the logo serves as a visual representation of your brand and is a significant element in your company’s positioning relative to consumer perception. A logo will most likely be the first thing that a potential client associates with your business because a logo follows your company everywhere — it’s on your social media, it’s on your website, it’s on your business cards, etc… Thinking of starting a business or re-branding? Read on to learn all about the importance of your brand’s logo and how a digital marketing company can help:

When outsourcing the design of your company’s logo to a digital marketing company, the designer is trusted to create a logo that encompasses a variety of elements: simplicity, memorability, versatility, etc… Depending on the vision that a business has for its logo — from knowing exactly what they want, to not knowing at all — a designer is able to use his/her artistic skills to hone in on what would be best for the company visually. Other principles of an effective logo design include its versatility, as well as how appropriate it is for the brand or company itself. In addition to design elements, other important aspects include the logo’s color and font (if needed), which should be used to serve the brand’s identity.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to logo design is the multiple categories of logos. Although this information serves the designer best, it’s still important to know the different types for reference.  Many logo designers will say there are up to ten types of logos while others will say there are as few as three. The amount of logo types may still be up for interpretation by many, but there are three that we can all agree on: word-mark logo designs, pictorial logo designs, and combination logo designs. Word-mark logos primarily focus on the brand’s name, pictorial logos focus on an image associated with the brand, and the combination logo incorporates the two. Small businesses usually stray away from pictorial logo designs because these types are mostly associated with brands that have already established a global identity (think of Apple’s bitten apple, Nike’s infamous check, or Twitter’s blue bird). Word-marks are very popular because they emphasize simplicity, while focusing more on font and color (think of Google, Vans, and Coca-Cola). Finally, a combination logo design combines a pictorial element and the company’s name (think of Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, and Klout 9).

Logos are a substantial part of your company’s branding. With so many different elements behind a logo, our goal is to give each business seeking design services a logo that best fits their brand’s image!