To define Artificial Intelligence (AI) simply, it “is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines.” You may have experienced situations where your text message or email suggests words or phrases as you were writing out the message. This is an example of AI. It’s able to complete your sentences by detecting keywords in the text and comparing it to historical data of how people have responded to such messages in the past.

Artificial intelligence can be beneficial for your social media strategy by reducing time spent on creating content, applying automatic responses to questions, targeting your audience and more. There is a chance that you’ll have to tweak the messages AI sets up slightly, but it will still save time overall. We’ll go over in more detail on how AI can enhance your social media marketing efforts below.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Enhance Your Social Media Strategy

Social Content

There are various AI tools available to assist with creating content for social media. Some tools will generate a social post from a URL, document, topic, etc. The best part is that they are able to suggest content that is prone to receive the most engagement from your followers. This is possible because AI is able to collect data on behaviors of your audience and recognize patterns. This HubSpot article provides a list of AI tools that are available to “streamline your social media strategy”. Each tool brings something different to the table. Conduct some research, which Klout 9 can help you with, to determine which one would be the most useful for your brand.

Social Engagement

Much like providing answers to frequently asked questions on a website through a FAQ section, you can set up automated responses to common questions in Facebook. For instance, if someone asks where you are located, you can setup a response such as, “Thank you for your message! We are located at [address]. The automated response will be sent immediately.

Facebook has other aspects of AI capabilities such as face recognition and targeting purposeful audiences. Instagram (who is owned by Facebook) uses AI to show its uses their preferred content. LinkedIn suggests jobs based on your job descriptions you’ve provided on your profile. All of these examples stem from the goal of accomplishing high engagement rates.

Lookalike Audiences

Establishing a lookalike audience will allow you to target similar people to those who have taken an action. AI is used to better understand the makeup of those who have the possibility of converting, by recognizing comparable behaviors of those who have already converted. Lookalike audiences can be developed through Facebook Ad Manager and other platforms such as AdRoll.

Social Insights

Data is essential for strengthening your social media outcomes. AI helps elevate how you measure your social media efforts because it can make predictions by scanning and tracking your posts, comments, brand following and reputation. This is valuable because the better you’re able to analyze your activity and audiences, the better you can promote your products and services.

In total, utilizing artificial intelligence offers the possibility of saving on time and producing profitable gains. Our team at Klout9 is here to help you with social media marketing. We build custom packages for each client to develop your strategy, content creation, content management and ad management. Contact us to get started!


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