There are many technical ways to optimize your online business traffic. Companies bring more traffic to their business through search engine optimization.

However, this act alone can be insufficient to maximize your brand awareness.

Social media marketing can enhance SEO by gaining more online traffic leading to greater brand awareness.

While search engine optimization alone can increase traffic to your site, combining this with social media marketing can more than double your presence on the web giving the consumer more opportunities to interact with your company.

Klout 9 provides both services to clients because of the beneficial relationship that each has with the other.

Social Media Profiles Rank in Search Engines

If you google “Coca Cola”, you will find that the company’s Twitter page is the sixth result while their home page is the first result.

Social media sites add yet another source of consumer traffic to a site operated by that specific company. You can take this lesson and apply it to your business as well.

If you are conducting social media marketing through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, then you could have four links for your websites if you include a business page.

The more links you have to various social sites, the more opportunity you have to increase your visibility by having these pages appear when a consumer searches for your company through a search engine.

Social media is used in the same way as search engines

Today, consumers use social media sites for more purposes than just interacting with friends. People conduct searches on social media channels in the same way that they do on Google.

Because of this, we need to understand that SEO can include the searches being conducted on social media sites. This fact further solidifies the relationship between SEO and social media marketing.

Since consumers can conduct specific searches within social media, it’s entirely possible that someone will discover your product by conducting a search for a specific type of item on social media and finding a post that you made about your product.

Because of this, companies should maximize this opportunity by including keywords in the post so that the product can be found in a search within the social media site in the same way that consumers find products on search engines.

Data from social media interactions can enhance your SEO content

Data from your social media site regarding interaction from posts can be used to improve your SEO metrics.

Search engines use interaction data such as bounce rates, click-through rates, time on page, and time on site to rank content.

Marketers can optimize their SEO by using social media as a testing site to determine what types of content receive the most interaction.

If consumers are interacting with a particular type of post over social media, then it is likely that they will interact with that type of content over a search engine results page (SERP).

Social media helps to drive traffic to your site while you wait for SEO

While SEO is a great way to optimize traffic to your website, it can take time.

Social media is a great way to gain traffic to your business while you wait on SEO results. Use social media to get your business name out there while SEO tactics are being implemented.

Creating social media posts with links to your website will encourage users to be directed to your site. This should help to increase your site up through the ranks of search engine results.

Use social media marketing to enhance your SEO now!

Technological improvements have transformed marketing over the past two decades.

Search engines and social media can allow smaller companies to get their brand out more efficiently than ever. It is crucial to recognize the relationship between SEO and social media marketing in order to optimize your brand awareness.

Let Klout 9 cover all of your bases by providing both services to your growing business!