They say a “picture is worth a thousand words”; if that is true, what does your branding and choice of imagery on your website say about your company and what it represents? Your website should be viewed like your best employee – an extension of your company. Is it super outdated and confusing to navigate? Are there any images at all? Is there a clear path to the end result of gaining a new customer?

This generation of buyers want to spend minimal time within a store or dealing with salesmen, so they seek out as much information as possible online prior to reaching out to a business. If you’re website does not immediately engage them, you have already lost the customer. This is the importance of having a marketing expert in your corner.

When choosing a website development company there are several elements you should require before the hire!

Who are you working with and what is their expertise?

This is the most important piece of the puzzle. Once you get your website up and running, then what? Will it be searchable by search engines? Will SEO best practices be implemented? Is that a service they provide or is it extra, if available at all? Your best bet is to find a full service digital marketing agency that does website design and development. Typically they will provide you a discounted website rate if you also plan to have them market your website once completed. They will also design your website with marketing elements in mind and make sure the customer path to the end result is easy and enticing.

View a portfolio of their work – both design and sample websites.

Every designer has their own flare of personality that shows through in their work. It is important to make sure that the team chosen for the job has created work that is up to par with your brand standards. Are you a truck store with an edgy look? Or a lawyer with clean cut trust building materials? It’s important that your brand be reflected properly.

How is the work distributed?

Is the designer and developer the same person? Or is there a team for each task? This will be a good reflection of your turn around time. Typically, not always, it’s best to have a design expert focus on the look and feel and a web development expert focus on the structure and functionality of your website. This allows the team to focus on what they do best.

How does their process work?

What is expected of your involvement in the process? Will you need to provide content? Are revisions included in the costs or will changes be additional? Will you own the website and its content or will you have to pay for the site if parting ways with the company? These are all important pieces of information you should get in advance before making a commitment.

If you are in need a of a new website and are not sure where to start, take a look at Klout9 and see what we have to offer you.