With video becoming one of the top trends for digital marketing in 2020, it’s never a bad idea to implement some video content on your social media platforms. The Facebook algorithm alone loves to promote videos, and 87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website. When it comes to branding, advertising, and promotion, we strongly suggest seeking out a video production company due to the extensive amount of resources available in providing high quality video. Sometimes, however, when you’re seeking to capture quality content that is readily available, a quick iPhone (or Android) video will do the trick to foster some immediate social media engagement. Be sure to keep these three tips in mind when it comes to videography:

Tip #1 – Plan your videos in advance

Your videography will flourish if you have a clear plan for the direction and implementation of the video itself. When company branding is involved, it is important to ensure that your videos are being filmed and administered by someone who has a clear vision and general image of the video’s purpose and how it will help in promoting a specific product, service, brand, or business. A video production company has the experience necessary to develop videos that spotlight your business or brand as a whole and can offer extensive planning in advance. A planned video makes for a smoother process overall. When the video doesn’t have enough time to be planned in advance, then just take the next two tips into account:

Tip #2 – Be aware of proper lighting

A professional videographer, or even someone who takes up videography for fun, will all tell you how important lighting is when it comes to videography. In certain situations, photography can benefit from having little to no light depending on the artist and their style, but video depends a lot more on lighting due to its on-going nature. If you’re filming outdoors, then try to film your videos before the sun becomes too harsh. As with photography, some of the best videos are created with soft lighting, which occurs in the morning or before the sun sets. Filming indoors becomes more complicated because of the complex lighting arrangements ranging from room to room. Perhaps find a window that allows for some light to shine through, but make sure it doesn’t blind or look too harsh on the subject of your video. Of course, a digital marketing agency can always provide high quality videography services so that you don’t have to worry about the problematic sources of lighting.

Tip #3 – Remember framing tips

Virtually anyone can pick up a camera and shoot some video footage, but there are many factors to take into consideration when the camera is actually in hand. Framing is a small, yet powerful factor to consider when aiming for a professional video and one rule of thumb that never ceases to impress is the rule of thirds. Within the photography and videography community, the rule of thirds has been a go-to for years upon years and dates back to painters in the Renaissance. Picture a camera grid, or even a game of tic-tac-toe. The grid involves 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines, overall creating 9 square boxes. The goal of the rule of thirds is to capture your subject at a point where one vertical and one horizontal line meets. This allows for a more interesting, dynamic, and overall creative shot compared to merely centering your subject. A centered subject works in some scenarios, but does not offer a creative avenue within your videos.

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