Digital Marketing strategies are something Klout9 is very passionate about. There is no better way to build a solid foundation and expand upon it than by being intentional about evaluating your marketing efforts and planning in advance. An effective digital marketing strategy should include research, internet business analysis, content building, implementation strategy, measuring and managing results. A solid strategy will be your roadmap for success for the quarter expanding upon existing efforts and ultimately saving you a lot of wasted spend long term. Today our focus is on the first two steps of building a digital marketing strategy: research and internet business analysis. These two steps will reveal any cracks in your foundation that will negatively impact growth and show you which areas need the most focus within your strategy. 

Research & Internet Business Analysis

When you hear the word “research” you likely think of daunting hours behind a computer screen. The good news is – with the right tools, you can complete a full audit of both your own current standings, competitor research efforts, keyword research, and more in less than an hour. Our recommendation for a solid research strategy with notes on proper implementation and the tools to assist in each task is outlined in our free audit templates.

What better way to research than to start with an audit. Audits will unveil any red flags in your current strategies and show you opportunities you are currently missing out on and their potential impacts on growth. Start by downloading both our Free SEO Audit template , Local Listings Audit Tool, and our Free Google Ads Account Audit template (only necessary if you are currently running Google Ads and have account access). 

The SEO Audit Template is a power house to do list creator that will greatly assist you in what needs your focus first in your marketing strategy. It will walk you through the task of ensuring all the technical aspects of your website are set up and user friendly, walk you through completing a competitor analysis, performing keyword research, building out internal linking strategies, content creation strategies and more. 

After walking through each of our templates, you should also take a few minutes to dig through your Google Analytics account and analyze the main sources of your traffic and conversions. Each third party vendor you work with should be evaluated and you should determine if they are producing enough traffic and sales to justify the cost (ROI). Click here to learn some easy Google Analytics Tips & Tricks to quickly gather this information.

Once you have completed your research and digital analysis you will have a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished in your marketing strategy and will be able to set some solid goals. You should not build upon a cracked or broken foundation so we encourage you to not skip this important step. Only after you have done thorough research and analysis and fixed anything that needs attention should you begin to build and plan for implementation. 

If the thought of doing your own auditing and research overwhelms you, you simply don’t have time, or if you have any questions along the way, contact Klout9! We offer free audits and would love to help guide you through building your Digital Marketing Strategy.

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