You might have been thinking about hiring a marketing agency for a while and finally ready to, or have been working with an agency for some time and not sure what they do, exactly. We’re here to tell you that it is best when a client is hands-on. Think of your marketing agency as a partnership. You should both be in a mutual understanding and be interested in accomplishing the business goals that you’re focusing on. 

Therefore, in order to achieve the best results from your local marketing agency, you should be an active participant throughout the partnership. The agency will need to know your marketing goals and objectives, obtain sales information regularly, and receive feedback on their work and analytic results. We will go into more details below. 

4 Benefits of Being Hands-on with your Marketing Agency

  1. No surprises

Consistent communication will eliminate surprises from both sides. For instance, if you give the marketing agency little information with hardly any follow up; the agency could end up not understanding fully who you are, thus, producing inadequate content. Similarly, if you don’t provide information on changes to your organization or on your most recent sales, the agency could be surprised to find out that the work they’ve done doesn’t coincide with those new changes.

If you are unsure in some areas (such as your goals and/or brand identity), be upfront about that as well. Your local marketing agency will most likely be able to help you navigate through your uncertainties. If you do need their guidance, there will most likely be follow up questions, so be available for those and provide as much detail as possible in your answers.

  1. Cohesive Branding

Have you ever felt like your branding is all over the place? Maybe your social media content doesn’t align with the look and feel of your email campaigns, or your website content doesn’t flow. First, there needs to be a clear vision of what you want your brand to convey (which we can also help you with) and then that needs to be communicated to the people working on your marketing. This could be someone on your team internally or an external marketing partner. With a clear understanding across the board on the voice and image of your brand, it will be cohesive throughout.

  1. Clear ROI

Some of your top priorities for your business are most likely making sure money is being spent wisely and that you’re getting a return on your investment. In order to connect the ROI to the marketing agency’s efforts, you will need to provide sales data. We suggest assigning a dedicated member of your team to communicate on your sales routinely and discuss early on whether that should be on a monthly or quarterly basis. Also make sure to discuss how often you should expect reporting from the agency so that you can be in the know of how the marketing efforts are going as well.

  1. Happy Client, Happy Life

At Klout 9, we want you to be on cloud 9! And by being a hands-on client, you’re guaranteed to get there. As we mentioned above, there will be less room for error and frustration when everyone is on the same page.

To sum it up, if you’re not hands on with your marketing agency, you might not like the results. Similar to most areas of life, communication is what will nurture the relationship/partnership. In other words, help us help you! And we love to help businesses grow through our dedicated marketing services. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation!


5 things you must do when engaging a marketing agency