LAFAYETTE, LA – Klout 9, a digital marketing company based out of Lafayette, LA, is celebrating their newly appointed Executive Director, Steph Domingue.

Steph is a New Orleans Native with a background in Vocal Performance, specializing in Opera, and previously owned a successful retail store for 16 years.

Klout 9 is excited to welcome Steph to the team and notes that she has already done a tremendous job of making everyone feel supported.

Moving forward, Klout 9 is looking forward to continued growth with Steph and appreciates all the expertise and experience she brings to the table.

Check out the video below to learn more about Steph and how she’s helping to elevate performance for Klout 9 and their clients.


About Klout 9

For over a decade, Klout 9 has been a leader in the digital marketing space in Lafayette, LA, and has helped businesses grow their social media platforms and drive revenue.

Klout 9 is a full-service digital marketing agency with the capacity to provide professional-grade video production and editing as well as a suite of other services.