How to SAVE your Old School Advertising… The Magic of Social Media Marketing Agencies!

Is your brand progressive?

It is a new age, and technology is taking over!

A new era has arisen, and iPhones have become America’s new favorite past time. Modern technology has taken marketing to a whole new level. And as much as traditional businesses try to fight it, Social Media is now the primary referral for all consumers. According to DreamGrow.Com, “71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.”

Stats like these, don’t lie.

So, how do you re-boost your business’s social media presence?

Here in Lafayette, many of our local businesses have sustained on the foundation of strong culture and word of mouth advertising. But as marketing progresses, these same businesses have begun to see a customer decline. Most businesses will fail because of  their fear of the “unknown.” Older companies have no clue where to even begin when it comes to social media marketing. Leaving them with limited options.

What are your options?

One option is to hire or train someone to build your brand’s social media image from the ground up, which will take extensive time to learn and a whole lot of money, with no guarantee of a successful outcome. Or, the less risky alternative is to acquire a helping hand from the experts, through partnering with a Social Media Marketing Agency!

What can a Social Media Marketing Agency do for your business’s brand?

The real question is, what CAN’T a Social Media Marketing Agency do for your business’s brand!?

In Lafayette, Klout 9 is one of the only companies that was founded on social media. And since our birth, we have grown not only our team but more importantly, our services so that we can offer our clients a well-rounded digital strategy for their marketing. We have a variety of services that can potentially increase awareness of your business and boost the brand’s image.

As a professional Social Media Marketing Agency, Klout 9 has improved multiple local brands, such as Camellia ENT, Abbeville General, Camp Bow Wow of Fort Worth, and more! Check out our service page at Klout9.Co to see how we can help better tell your brand’s story.