Email marketing is one of the leading avenues for customer engagement. Even with social media being so popular, companies are still using the tried-and-true method of email communication.

As important as email marketing is, it is also important to pay attention to how your business is curating email marketing lists. Lists of both current and potential customers make it a breeze to stay connected to anyone interested in your company or business.

Below, we’ll walk you through the basics of creating an email marketing list for your business as well as tips and tricks to grow your email marketing list.

Gathering Email Addresses

Online Forms

Building an email list can be as easy as putting an online email sign-up form directly on the company webpage, blog, or social media site. You can also get back to basics and have your run of the mill paper sign-up sheet available. The paper sign-up sheet tends to be the most effective way to grow your email marketing list.

Use an App

Using an app to gather emails can also be effective. Some email marketing platforms, such as Constant Contact, have an app that helps businesses keep track of their customers’ contact information. This app assists with streamlining email collection and management of the list by adding email addresses and names to different categories of lists.

Add a “Share” or “Join Email List” Option

Adding the option to share or join email list embedded into the email is another effective way to grow your email marketing list. It’s important to remember that not everyone who sees your emails is actually part of your email marketing list. Having these additional buttons at the bottom of your email will allow customers to join of their own volition.

Ask Your Customers Directly

Another way to gather emails is simply by asking. You can either ask your customers directly for their email when they walk in into your store, or you can allow an email address to be added during the final purchase of their goods or services.

Tips for Encouraging People to Sign Up 

Don’t Ask Too Much Info

First of all, don’t ask for too much information. Customers are less likely to give you contact information if you ask for too much. Keep things short and sweet, such as asking for their first name and email only, and make it quick and easy for customers to sign up.

Offer Discounts

Offer your customers deals, discounts, and other special offers when signing up for email lists. Give them a little something extra right off the bat, something like a 5% off coupon or a free gift. Then, use your email marketing to send out frequent perks.

Useful Content

Tell your customers that their emails are not just for discounts and other perks. These emails will also be full of valuable information for the consumer. Information, such as tips and tricks for the goods or services and sometimes educational content about the products.

It is extremely important to get a customer’s permission before sending out marketing emails. No one likes spam emails, and no one likes to be put on email lists that they didn’t consent to. The best kinds of information-gathering forms have a section for you to “opt-in” or “opt-out” of marketing emails. These are successful because they give the consumer the option to choose what they want to happen with their contact information.

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