With digital marketing endeavors on the rise and an increase in the way consumers communicate with their favorite brands, it is no secret that traditional marketing methods have decreased in popularity. Digital marketing agencies are consistently implementing strategic campaigns across social media and the Internet to make that necessary connection and crucial first impression with the target audience at hand. Going forward, marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners will have to answer the small yet mighty question: Should I focus more on digital marketing or traditional marketing? In order to answer, you’ll have to first know the difference between each.

Digital marketing encompasses all of the marketing strategies, methods, and materials that occur over the internet—basically our bread and butter. Social media (such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and other digital endeavors (i.e. search engine optimization and email marketing) have grown tremendously in what they can do for the success of a business. Getting your message in front of the right people, at the right time, on the right platform, may seem simple, but the creatives behind a digital marketing agency are qualified to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. From simply promoting brand awareness, to the more advanced methods of consumer targeting and placement strategies, digital marketing has steadily pushed through traditional marketing approaches and it is definitely here to stay. But does this mean traditional marketing methods should be phased out completely? Our answer: not exactly.

Even though marketing has steadily shifted to a more digital approach, traditional marketing methods can still be put to good use in the 21st century. Traditional marketing involves the use of marketing materials that do not appear online—rather, they appear in our hands physically, through our eyes visually, etc… Traditional marketing advertisements include direct mail, catalogs, telemarketing, television commercials, and even radio ads. Certain digital marketing agencies, including ours, can surely still offer traditional marketing services if the client desires. The most popular form of traditional marketing that we’ve been able to provide for our clients is printed material, such as brochures and fliers. Print ads still have a remarkable ability to increase brand awareness and inform consumers of your products or services. Not only that, but brochures, fliers, and other related materials are able to provide a hard copy that people can hold onto forever.  One of our most recent traditional marketing projects allowed us to create a 6×6 booklet for our client, Facets of Lafayette. The booklet functions as a “lookbook,” featuring pages specifically dedicated to each product category that Facets carries, such as plumbing, appliances, and lighting. The primary objective of this product was to keep Facets top of mind for consumers in the home building, home renovating, or home redesigning market and increase brand awareness by providing a quick glance into all that Facets has to offer. We’ve also been able to dabble in the broadcast side of traditional marketing by producing a TV commercial for our client, Maestri Family Dental. The commercial runs on local TV channels and promotes Maestri’s Smile Advantage Plan, an in-house insurance plan.

In the grand scheme of your marketing goals and objectives, a digital marketing route is almost always the best route, but traditional marketing methods can still be of great use. Upon consulting the creatives at your local digital marketing agency, always go with what works best, and what makes sense, for your brand!

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