If you are planning to make the most of your business this holiday, Klout 9’s services offered for social media marketing, search engine marketing, branding and design, video production, and website development will allow you to maximize your marketing efforts and overall results.

Before you post products or services for purchase that you wish to push in time for the upcoming holidays, create a list of steps you need to follow in order to successfully produce the results you are expecting with ease.

There are tons of helpful information, tips, and tricks out there for the best holiday marketing strategies, and our team has chosen our top five helpful tips.

Promotional Planning

Preparing to promote specific products and/or services you wish to push will save you time, money, and energy before the holiday rush.

Planning ahead of time will allow time to intentionally create sales promotions around the specific products and/or services you have chosen to push, create event plans around these, and produce overall brand awareness.

Considering consumers’ desired holiday shopping dates such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday when planning out each promotion and event.

Mapping out your promotion and event content for your social media and other online platforms will give more than adequate time for gift-giving consumers to shop for your products and/or services before the holidays arrive.

Plan your holiday promotion and event announcement in detail, then your reminder to follow up on that announcement, and your last chance announcement to create a sense of urgency for purchase before the holidays arrive.

This triple-threat approach gives consumers three chances to engage with your business and keep them wanting more.

Mobile Marketing

Making your marketing strategy mobile-friendly is also a must. Consumers will be more likely to purchase your products and/or services if the process to do so is easily accessible while scrolling on their mobile phones.

Utilizing a mobile-friendly website, app, and helpful products such as Shopify to make consumers’ online shopping experience as simple as a few clicks will also aid in your sales success.

Guide Them to Your Gifts

Creating a gift guide to showcase how your featured products and services can be used as the perfect present this holiday will lead your consumers to purchase one or more of these products and/or services for those on their gift list this year.


Online shoppers are more than likely to read product and service reviews from other consumers before making their purchase.

Featuring client testimonials and product photos and videos with reviews will also help to guide shoppers to your featured products and/or services.

Stand Out

Focusing on how your featured products and/or services can impact consumers’ lives and what makes your brand different from others is going to allow you to stand out amongst others.

Promoting your brand’s core values and mission, for example, are great ways to give a peek behind the curtain of what makes your company special.

Why Klout 9?

If the thought of having to execute a marketing strategy alone is daunting, Klout 9’s digital marketing consultant team will be the peace of mind you’re looking for this holiday season with their overall goal to use your unique voice to bring brand awareness to your services or products through your social media platforms.

Our digital marketing team creates a custom strategy that caters to connecting with your current audience as well as your potential customers. The K9 Team will build a custom package to tailor to your specific industry and needs.

Klout 9 Digital Marketing Company is made up of a team that’s truly dedicated to partnering with your brand to nurture culture and foster growth within your business!

Whether you’re in need of a full re-brand, video production for your next project, website development, or simply need some guidance on your social media strategies – we will work side by side with you to achieve your goals.

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