Hanging in there?
The coronavirus has taken the world by storm and created a wave of mass panic and hysteria, ultimately forcing businesses to alter the way operations are handled. This experience has caused companies to work remotely, as more business owners are doing their part to flatten the curve. As a digital marketing agency, we fortunately have the ability to work from home and ensure that our clients’ social media pages and local search listings are up to date, since business operations are changing daily. No one is quite sure what this pandemic means for small businesses, but there are steps that can surely be taken to ensure that your business rises to the top again, right where it belongs:

Keep Yourself Safe

First and foremost, your safety and the safety of your friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances should be your #1 priority in unprecedented times such as these. Your business can recover from this pandemic when the time is right, but a major dependent on this is your overall health. Stay up to date on CDC guidelines, wash your hands, strive to not touch your face, and practice social distancing until further notice.

Keep Your Customers Updated

If your small business has either a Facebook or Instagram page, then it is highly likely that you’ve acquired a generous following of loyal customers or clients. Your duty as a business owner is to keep your followers informed in times of chaos. From what we’ve already seen, the implications of COVID-19 in its beginner stages in America had most businesses issue a statement explaining the increased precautionary measures they’ve taken concerning cleanliness. As more requirements were released by the CDC, businesses have had to go beyond cleaning measures, and some have had to close their doors. Since government regulations are requiring most businesses to shut down at the moment, it is vitally important to keep your customer base updated, no matter how obvious it may seem.

Explore Alternatives

Sadly, not all of us could be the geniuses behind creating the booming Lysol and Clorox brands. Most, if not all businesses nationwide will take a hit due to the coronavirus, but it doesn’t mean your business requires a 100% mandatory shut down. Until restaurants and fast food chains are forced to completely close their doors, they can fortunately operate through curb-side/drive thru/take-out measures, bringing in at least some revenue. Does your business operate exclusively through in-store purchases and transactions, or can you bring some traffic to your website? Can you provide your services digitally or can you provide your product through home delivery? For some industries, this will be an easy feat. But for others, not so much. If there are any alternatives that your business can take on during times of social distancing, then take them. People are eager to support small businesses in times like these, and as long as you are advertising these methods, your loyal customers are likely to support.

Brainstorm Your Comeback

Although working at a digital marketing agency allows us to work remotely, we are also exploring methods of returning bigger and better than ever. Once your customers or clients are taken care of, brainstorm your comeback for when the pandemic is over. Is there a certain promotion that you’ve always wanted to run, but were waiting for the right time? How about a new menu item or a partnership with a local company? Once everyone’s doors are open again, creative measures will need to be implemented to get both new and old customers back into your store. Research creative incentives or consult your local digital marketing agency for promotional ideas and offers that can get your sales and brand awareness back on track.

Through all of this panic and distress, know one thing: you are not alone. If COVID-19 has thrown off your routine, and forced your business to adjust its business operations, know it will pass. Prioritize keeping yourself safe so that your return to the business world is strong and matches your clients’ eagerness to support you and your business when the time is right.