As a digital marketing agency specializing in social media, we understand the importance of social media for small businesses. There are many small businesses that are driven to succeed, and the advancement of social media has completely revolutionized the way businesses are able to communicate.

Within the past decade, digital marketing agencies across the nation have adapted to the new wave of social media marketing to meet the needs of their small business clientele. While social media is sometimes criticized in the public eye, it is a crucial aspect of any business and can be used as a fantastic medium to increase your sales, promote your brand, and interact with your target audience.

There are two social media platforms in particular that all digital marketing agencies believe small businesses can undoubtedly benefit from: Facebook (a social networking site) and Instagram (a photo-sharing site).


Although this may be a given, there are still some small businesses that either a) have Facebook, but do not post daily or b) do not have Facebook at all (a true six word horror story). Facebook is an absolute game-changer for your small business.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, it’s almost a guarantee that your content will be seen by at least one person, and that one person can become a life-long customer. Facebook allows users to share photos and videos, create and track advertisements, and connect with intended audiences through comments and messages. Facebook is a free tool that can instantly take your small business to the next level.


It may seem like Instagram is primarily filled with influencers, celebrities, and big brands, but it can be also be a major asset for small businesses. In addition to the ability to post pictures and videos, Instagram’s Story feature is one of its newest and greatest components.

Created in 2016, insta-stories offers a variety of fun and engaging elements that can be used for promotions, events, and simply brand awareness. There are two key features that differentiate insta-stories from regular posts: 1) the stories disappear after 24 hours and 2) you can actually see who viewed your insta-story. The 24 hour expiration allows users to post fresh new content daily without overwhelming potential clients or customers, and the ability to see who views a story can help determine if local customers are viewing the content in question. The stories feature can also be a great medium to post exclusive deals and offers.

Runner Ups

If a small business or company deals primarily with business-to-business interactions, then LinkedIn can be a great tool in connecting with local professionals in specific industries. Think of LinkedIn as Facebook for professionals! Twitter is also a great social media platform, referred to as a microblog, but in most cases, should only be used if your business is geared toward a younger following.

Last, but not least, YouTube is a great video-sharing platform that your business can benefit from, as long as you’re able to offer sufficient video content. (Pro tip: if you believe your business can benefit from video content, then check out our videography and production services).

If you are ready to take your business’ social media to the next level, then contact us today! We are ready to help your business grow online through consistent content creation, strategy, planning, and implementation.