If you are a small business owner, then you know just how important your clientele is to your business. In fact, they are vital.

Reaching those clients in this technological world is an absolute must, and it’s very hard to do so without a solid website design.

While the focus of this post is the overall importance of a website, we will touch on the website design elements as well because a website alone is no longer enough!

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Your Business Looks More Credible

Nearly all large businesses have a website. But you may be thinking, “I don’t have the customer base yet to necessitate a website.”

Once your business gets to a certain size, you know that you will need a website. Why not go ahead and create it now?

Better yet, why not utilize digital marketing to drive traffic to a website and build up that customer base quicker. If you have a small business and are not operating online, potential customers may question your credibility.

And your lack of an online presence other than social media may dissuade potential customers from choosing your business over the competition.

In fact, 84% of U.S. consumers believe that a business with a website is more credible than one with only social media. With numbers like then, it is clear that a website can make a difference in your small business.

Note that having a modern website design is essential in adding to the credibility of a website. If your website looks outdated, customers may choose to do business elsewhere.

Your Product can be Sold Directly Through Your Website

Having a website allows you to accomplish many tasks at once. Arguably the most important is the ability to sell your goods or services through the website – that is what you are in business for after all.

Customers are comforted in the fact that you can be contacted through information on the website. If they have trouble with your product then it is much easier to reach you.

A website can be seen as an extension of your brick-and-mortar location. Sales of online goods increased 39% after the start of the pandemic.

Don’t miss out on the shift in sales from in-store to online by creating a website in order to sell your good there too.

You can Maintain a Blog to Interact with Your Customer Base

(Free) Interaction with your customer base can drive sales in many ways. A blog tells consumers that you are active and keeps a flow of fresh content on your website.

Additionally, blogs can increase the amount of time that users spend on your website. An increase in time on your website can increase the chance that the user will purchase your product.

Blogging also gives you opportunities to hyperlink other aspects of your business which can lead to even more customer traffic. 

A Website Gives You More Control Over Your Online Appearance

If you want more control over your online appearance, then a website is a must.

When you create a website, you have are essentially creating the perfect employee – the one that never sleeps, always gets the sales pitch correct, and portrays who you are exactly the way you want.

You get to create your own online appearance, without having to be at mercy to the platform. Website design can be as creative as you want it to be.

Klout 9 provides website development services to ensure that your business appearance is optimal.

Websites are Affordable

It is easier now more than ever to build and maintain a website. Whether you want to do it yourself or you want to hire experts like Klout 9, you can reap the benefits of a website for your small business, no matter the size!

The do-it-yourself option can cost around $200 with a monthly maintenance fee of around $50. BUT remember, you get what you pay for.

If you are not a skilled website developer, it may take you a lot of time to invest in building your own website. Your time running your business is likely more valuable than hiring someone else to do it.      

Your Business is Easier to Find

Many consumers use Google to find companies that sell the products that they are searching for.

While social media can come up in a Google search, you increase your chances of being found when you combine social media markets with search engine optimization (SEO) and other digital methods.

In order to reap the benefits of SEO, you need a website. If potential customers know the product they are searching for, but aren’t aware of your business, then a website can increase the odds that they will come across your business when searching for the product. 

Start Now

It is clear that a website is a MUST for small businesses today. As a small business owner, you know that some aspects of the business are an investment.

A website is an investment that has been proven to increase awareness of your company. Whether you are just starting to think of website design, or you need the full gambit of digital marketing, then the experts at Klout 9 are here to help!