Most industries are unaware of what an agency is and what it does for businesses, especially a digital agency. An agency is an outsource a business can partner with when they require a service. A digital agency provides services that can elevate a business’s digital presence, story, and media exposure. The concept of digital marketing goes beyond sales and focuses on building key relationships for a brand in the digital world.

“In simple terms, a digital agency is an advertising agency that has evolved to meet the changing needs of marketing in the digital age.” ( Because we are living in such a digital world, every business should have some form of digital marketing, which currently is the fastest growing form of marketing.

What services can a digital agency provide?

Each agency’s services can vary depending on if they are full-service or not. Here are some of the general services a digital agencies can offer: Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing and web design. Depending on the agency, these services can range in name, price, and scale.

What kind of business should partner with a digital agency?

The truth is, there is no specific type of industry that can survive without a strong digital presence. At Klout 9 Digital Marketing Agency, we have partnered with a variety of diverse industries. Our clients range from hospitals, insurance groups, restaurants, and even political campaigns. There is no limit to what we can accomplishment for any organization.

In the early stages, K9 was primarily built on social media marketing.  As we have grown, so have our services. We can now provide any client with a well-rounded digital campaign that reaches far beyond just social media. When a business chooses to invest with Klout 9, they can expect clear communication, & a true partnership that involves a designated campaign manager who takes ownership of the business. We work closely alongside every client to create a content strategy that best tells their story, resulting in a stronger digital presence that will build awareness and bring new business through the door.

One of our goals as a digital marketing agency is to elevate your business over a multitude of media platforms. This will create more value for your organization in the community that will strengthen key relationships. Partnering with a digital agency can be an investment that could potentially save your business from failing in today’s digital world.