Good videography on social media can be a game changer in your brand or company’s digital marketing. A video production company can utilize its talents to provide phenomenal videography that tells your brand’s story and attracts potential customers. Upon receiving the videos from the video production company that you work with, there are a few small details that can help make your social media’s videos look more professional when published:

  1. Thumbnails Matter

Why exactly does a thumbnail matter? It’s basically the first impression for your video! When scrolling through your Facebook feed, there isn’t always ample time to view a thumbnail, but it still maintains importance in other areas. Thumbnails are most valuable when a user navigates to the video section of a Facebook profile or a brand’s YouTube account. Whether it’s a Facebook profile or YouTube account, videos are primarily sorted by date and have a correlating image to distinguish it from its counterparts; this is the thumbnail. In most cases, thumbnails can be uploaded, which enables users to utilize their creativity and craft a thumbnail that is visually pleasing. This is not always the case however; Youtube, for example, does not allow users to upload a custom thumbnail unless the account is verified. If this is the case for your company or brand, then YouTube automatically produces three thumbnail options that you’ll be able to choose from. Depending on the account’s content, thumbnails should remain consistent and on-brand. The luxury car brand, BMW, does a great job with maintaining brand consistency in all of their video marketing materials on Youtube, and the thumbnails are no exception. Every single thumbnail includes BMW in white lettering, placed in the lower left-hand corner.

  1. Add Subtitles 

Why should you dedicate time to making sure your video has subtitles? 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. (Does this sound familiar?) If you’re one of the many that rarely clicks on a Facebook video, then you know that subtitles serve a great purpose. Both Facebook and Youtube allow users to easily upload subtitles to videos, and there is even an auto-generating tool which saves a lot of time. Another great reason to add subtitles to your video is that not everyone can hear your video’s audio. Whether someone suffers from hearing loss or their phone’s audio capabilities are not working properly, subtitles still allow your video to be viewed in any scenario.

  1. Keep the Copy Simple

Whey does keeping the copy simple work? In many cases, the reason a video works so well is the mindless and relaxing viewing of content rather than having to read it. A video should convey your message more than its correlating caption. Whether the video is crafted for informative purposes or entertainment, a long caption can overwhelm a potential viewer. If a user has to read a long, wordy caption to understand your video, then it may not serve its desired purpose. Let your video do all the speaking instead of relying on copy/content writing. This can be accomplished by having a clear vision when producing the video so that it serves its objective.

Social media videography is growing at a substantial rate, and now more than ever, it is important to utilize these video tools to help your social media shine. If you are looking to increase your digital presence with videography, then be sure to check out our video services!